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Our concrete scanning service (GPR), will always give you the full picture.

All services found are marked on the slab or wall & in a comprehensive photographic report!

Concrete Scanning

concrete scanningGround Penetrating Radar is the most accurate way to locate reinforcement bar, live services, conduits, pre and post-tension cable, and voids within a concrete slab.

We are also able to measure slab-thickness. With health and safety at the upmost importance, concrete scanning is the safest way to be able to assess what services exist inside a concrete slab before any drilling for cutting takes place.

GPR also gives us on-site, on-screen imaging. All services found are then marked on the slab and a photographic report is provided to the customer.

Benefits of Scanning

  • Find safe areas for core drilling, for electrical and plumbing works
  • Locate safe areas for when you need to cut openings for windows and doors
  • Find the slab thickness for when you need to know slab grade measurements
  • Locate conduits and utility cables
  • Find structural beams and voids
  • Identify horizontal and vertical steel bars and post tension cables

What does it pick up?

By using the latest GPR (ground penetrating radar) technology available, we are able to detect any metallic or non-metallic material located or hidden within any concrete structure or surface.

We can detect conduits, pre and post tensioning cables, reinforcement bar, mesh and voids. These obstacles can result in major cost, disruption and services issues if not detected correctly before any construction works are undertaken. Using specialised radar concrete scanning equipment, we are able to locate these metallic or non-metallic materials. Whilst we are on site we mark out the items we’ve located with accurate depths, we can also provide you with a detailed photographic report if required.

EAB invests in top quality scanning equipment so that we can provide you with the most accurate results. For an even clearer picture of what’s behind or underneath the concrete, ask our staff about our 3D concrete scan imaging service.

We can also help identify cavities and voids and other defects by using a combination of our 2D and 3D options.

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